Parking at Rowcroft Medical Centre

Please note that the car park is now managed. Fines will be issued to those who abuse the facility.

We hope that by introducing car park management we can improve patient access to the car park.

Parking during surgery hours is strictly for patients visiting Rowcroft Medical Centre or Lloyds Pharmacy.

Legitimate visitors will have 60 minutes free parking but you should remove your vehicle from the car park as soon as your business here is complete. That will ensure that there is parking available for other patients. Please be considerate and remember that the car park is being monitored.

If for any reason you will be with us longer than 60 minutes, you must go to the reception desk or to Lloyds Pharmacy who will extend your parking allowance.

Please bear in mind that if you attend in the morning and return in the afternoon you still only have a 60 minutes allocation that day so you must ask for your parking allowance to be extended.

Parking to shop in Stroud is not appropriate under any circumstance.

Parking to attend Rowcroft Dental Clinic is not appropriate.

Please under any circumstances do not park in doctor and nurse spaces (clearly marked by fluorescent yellow signs.)

Clinicians must be able to park on arrival.

Please also remember that a parking space at Rowcroft is not guaranteed.  You may prefer to park at the nearby car park.

Phone and pay parking charges will apply when Rowcroft Medical Centre and Lloyds Pharmacy are closed.